June 2017 i

The June heat means sound is travelling faster than it has all year (warm air increases speed of sound) which unfortunately allows for all the late night drunken Dublin sing song to reach my apartment window even quicker. Not that I'm a curmudgeon!

Anne Maree Barry's new work Otium Cum Dignitate (Leisure with Dignity) which I sound designed is currently on show in The Lab on Foley Street until August 20th. It's a fascinating exploration of gender and class division through the lens of early 20th century Dublin, specifically the notorious Monto area above Talbot Street.

Currently in the works is a radio adaptation of Orla Murphy's award winning theatre drama Remember to Breath

Set during a young Irish woman's attempts to learn to swim in a post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand, it explores themes of loss, disconnection, and identity as she strives to reconcile her old home life with her new home land. Sound design and mixing are almost complete and it will be broadcasting on Newstalk FM in the near future.



The indefatigable Andrew Spitz developed this phonographic timelapse tool in Max/MSP and made it freely available on his site during the year. I finally got around to kicking myself into doing the minimal effort of setting up a mic and letting it run for 24. So here's 24 hours compressed into 1440 two hundred millisecond slices.

Listening back it is strange how it reveals the pitches of my apartment, between the fridge motors, extraction fans and traffic hums.



"I love it when a plan comes together"

This piece is the result of some months of planning, recording, frustration, and tinkering.

The aim of the piece was to challenge the sublimation of the human body by technology in electroacoustic music. This was done by using a performance by contemporary dancer Liv O'Donoghue as the primary input for the piece. MIDI information was generated by her movements using the Gestural Music Sequencer. This triggered a software piano, and a sampler containing audio of her performance.