Written and performed by Zoë Comyns. An audio performance piece, mixing live narration and quadraphonic soundscapes. Debuted at HearSay Festival 2017. 

The story of a couple, from their early days communicating using Marconi code books to cross a language barrier, to the breakdown of communication as their relationship encounters difficulties. 

Under into Somewhere

I collaborated with photographer Anna Rackard for her project, inspired by Goya's El Sueño, in creating an ambient soundtrack. The sounds used were partly chosen from their appearance in the dreams of some of the photo subjects, who kept dream diaries at part of the project.

"Rackard, known for her outstanding series of portraits of Irish female farmers, has also worked extensively as an art director and production designer in film, television and advertising. She has made something extraordinary here.

-Aidan Dunne, Irish Times

How We Spend Our Days

I contributed the piece 'Memories' to playwright/producer/presenter Sorcha Kenny's podcast project which tackles a specific theme in each episode, exploring it through radio, sound, fiction and non-fiction. This first episode contains pieces all linked to the theme of memory. I would like to express gratitude to Hildegard Westerkamp for allowing me to sample sound and words from her work Kits Beach for this project.


Kinokophone welcomes curious listeners to Kinokophonography, a curated sound cinema event featuring audio works from around the world.  The event explores the experience of listening by sharing sound recordings and discussing what the process of making them can bring to life.  Hear the world in all its variety, beauty and strangeness and join us in celebration of the sounds around us. 

'The Gatherer' was made from recordings made during the 'In The Current' project. 

It features German ex-pat Fred Müller's voice speaking about mushroom folk knowledge that he has aggregated from years of mushroom hunting. 

This piece was submitted to a Kinokophonography event that took place in the British Library, significant because of the enormous and highly curated sound archive that is managed there by Cheryl Tipp.

The Impossible Address

Collaborations 2015

A performance piece based on Aran of the Saints, featuring Martin Sharry, Timmy Creed and Brendan Rehill.

Was restaged for a performance at the Inisheer Arts Centre in 2015. 

Aran of the Saints

Winner of Ballyhoura Award, HearSay Festival 2014

Composed, Recorded and Edited by Brendan Rehill

Many thanks to Martin Sharry for sharing his writings and voice

Broadcast on:

World Listening Day

My field recording was included on the album released by Sonic Terrain, celebrating World Listening Day 2014

In The Current

In the Current is a public art project by Yvonne Cullivan, consisting of eight short films produced in response to Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland.

Launched on Culture Night, 2014. Sound Recording and Design by Brendan Rehill.

Land of Little Hills

A sonic interpretation of Patrick Kavanagh's poem Stony Grey Soil for the 'Sound Devices' event, curated by La Cosa Preziosa