A.R.T of Television, Record and Sound Design

Radio Drama. Produced by Gareth Stack.

Remember to Breathe, Sound Design

Radio Drama. Produced by Orla Murphy.

Hendrick's Chambers of the Curious, Sound Design

Produced by Julien Clancy, a series of three stories about the brain, told using binaural sound, featured at the 2016 Hendrick's Chambers of the Curious in Dublin. 

The Casino at Marino, Sound Mixing

A documentary about the lesser known architectural gem of Dublin, the Casino at Marino. Dublin City FM. Produced by Regan Hutchins.

Georgie's Vision, Sound Design

A documentary about the woman behind W.B. Yeat's spiritual revival. Lyric FM. Produced by Deirdre Mulrooney.

Out of Sight, Sound Engineer

A night of live radio with 'Sounds Alive' at the Science Gallery, presented by Julien Clancy and Colette Kinsella.

The Wedding Tree, Location Recording, Sound Design

Feature radio drama for Newstalk FM, written and directed by Gareth Stack.

Revolution Radio, Sound Mixing

Nominee PPI Radio Awards 2016

Revolution Radio brings the experiences of the ordinary women and men of 1916 crashing into the world of today and the daily shows on 2FM. Produced by Róise Goan, Maisie Lee and Red Hare Media.

St.Werburgh's Church, Sound Mixing

The treasures of one small church, St. Werburgh's, bring the long history of Dublin to life. Produced by Regan Hutchins.


Limerick: City of Churches, Sound Mixing

Finalist in New York Radio Awards 2016

Regan Hutchins looks at the relationship between places of worship and the people who visit them, believers and non-believers alike.


State.ie Podcast, Producer/Sound Editor

Shortlisted for RealEx Web Awards Best Podcast 2015 

A Walk on the Musical Wild Side, Sound Editor

Join the MA class of 2014 at Belfast's Sonic Arts Research Centre, for an adventure to the edges of music and along the borders of technology and everyday sound. Produced by Clare Cronin

Broadcast on Lyric FM October 10th and October 17th 2014.  Audio Editing by Brendan Rehill

Part 1

Part 2

Are We Dancing, Sound Mixing

Are we Dancing? Regan Hutchins celebrates contemporary dance in Ireland and those who move with it. 

Broadcast on Lyric FM May 9th 2014. Sound Supervision by Brendan Rehill


Taking on Tristan, Sound Editor

Produced by Athena Media. Audio Editing by Brendan Rehill


Grassroots, Sound Editor

Finalist in New York Radio Awards 2013

Produced by Athena Media. Audio Editing by Brendan Rehill


Winning Women: After the Games, Sound Editor

Winner Celtic Media Festival 2013

Produced by Athena Media. Audio Editing by Brendan Rehill