Reassembled, Slightly Askew

Reassembled, Slightly Askew is the document of Shannon Yee's traumatic cranial surgeries, needed to save her life after suffering multiple infections, and the effects on her life post-surgery.

Greeted by a nurse as the show begins, you're asked to fill out an in patient form and then given a hospital wrist tag. Led to a hospital bed, you lie down, put on an sleep mask and headphones, and begin the journey into the living nightmare of Shannon's mind for the months that she spent in the hospital ICU. 

The narrative of Reassembled, Slightly Askew is presented through the medium of radio drama, and is an exceptional example of sound's power to tell a story, especially a story as subjective as this. Recorded and composed by SARC's Paul Stapleton, making special use of the Neumann KU100 Binaural dummy head, a soundscape of obscured voices and fractured ambiences puts you near the emotional core of Shannon's story; just outside the blast radius of  such a life changing event. 

It's a reminder of the fragility of our everyday lives and identities, with the greatest of reliefs being that you can cut off your wrist tag after the show and choose to become a person again, not a patient.